Maths people got surprised when I laughed at some Chinese translation of Grothendieck, because they do not think I shall have heard of him.

The fact is that I definitely have NO knowledge about algebraic geometry. But I got to hear some stories and myths(among which the fact that his nationality is “none” is the most hilarious) about him through reading the book The Mathematician’s Brain. It is an intriguing and heart-soothing book! Many of my friends have read it, and I recommend it to the rest of them that have not read it.

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  • faintchill  On April 9, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    I suppose this was a long one but it turns out to be short. How was that book? Who else did it talk about other than Grothendieck? (Atiyah? Wiles?) You bought it? Do you mind mail it to me and I mail it back to you after reading it?

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