“The Road Trip”

It snowed today, and was extremely cold. Not a good day for driving, but I “accidentally” had a one-hour drive out of town near mid-night.

It was dark local road, but the snowy night was so damn beautiful! After making sure I know my way back, I turned on my CD. It was Brahms Cello Sonata No.1. A perfect company at this snowy night. The dark shadow of naked tree branches was painted against the grey sky. Their curves were carved deep into the canvas of clouds. Far away towards the horizon, the unknown villages were reaching towards the snowy mist, roaring like wild animals. But other than that, it was indeed quiet, as if you can catch every breath of your car. Yet inside the silence I heard the voice of the strings, tapping on my soul. The cello and piano streamed down the road, they resonated with the painted nature. The snowy night finally came to a sonata composed and performed by the unknown force.

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