You Just Need to Kill

If you want to join a gang, you need to kill people. Once your peers know that you have committed murder yourself, they feel sure that you will not group with the police or betray them. Not that every gang member is morally bad, but their situation just left them with no choice. That is why gang violence is hard to control: Violence is the thing you do to show your commitment to your gang peers.

The same mechanism works for corruption in China. Not that every bureaucrat is super greedy. The reason is, if you do not corrupt, you cannot show your commitment to the group of your corrupting peers. That is why corruption is so pervasive in China: corruption is the certificate of commitment to your colleagues.

Academia is no exception. At the beginning you just need to kill in order to survive!

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  • onlylonely  On January 25, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    For ‘kill’ in academia, do you mean writing papers that we know are junk?

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