Critique that sociologists will like

Here is a critique from John Whitfield on The Darwin Economy, a new book by Robert Frank. My first reaction was…sociologists will like this.

Here are three of my follow-up thoughts:

1. To my understanding, Frank views evolution as essentially positional. This, again, implicitly assumes that the hierarchy of species can be transformed onto one dimension of “position”. Too simple, sometimes naive.

2.  The essential question for studies on human society that borrows from the biological world, does not lie in whether to side with Darwin or Lamark, but in what empirical and historical facts have informed us of, because there are essential  cautions to take when paralleling the two.

3. I bet that conflicts do not only exist in human society, but in the animal world as well. There is no reason to believe that there is no “conflict of interests” in the animal world, provided that even altruism has been discovered and evidenced among some animal groups.

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