The young and the hopeless

In my “young and hopeless” ages (to be precise, my crazy high school years), I was obsessed with Nirvana (and of course Kurt Cobain), a rock band belonging to the genre of “grunge”.

They have a famous piece called “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. At those days I was always curious about what Teen Spirit is! Luckily I have the internet, which told me that it is an American brand of antiperspirant. At that time, as a rock music fan, I was forever wondering when I would get a chance to smell Teen Spirit!

It is a shame that I forgot about Teen Spirit for many years, and now, two years after coming to the States, this mysterious antiperspirant brand finally came back to my mind! I now understand more about American society, which is the “social background” of Nirvana’s emergence and popularity. Besides, I am rich enough to afford an American consumer product! So – shall I treat myself with a bottle of Teen Spirit to fulfill my “young and hopeless” dream?

Oh, and my favorite line of lyrics from that song was: “Hello, hello, hello, how low.”

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