Music of the Night

On my way home tonight, I was listening to a recording of the third movement of Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.16 – III.Allegro moderato molto e marcato. A great piece! (Here is a Rubinsten version on YouTube.)

I was totally drown into the music, and could not help but drive around my neighborhood for a few minutes more in order for the movement to finish. For a moment, I was taken away by the spirit behind the scores. That moment was my happiest moment in the week, encouraging and soothing.

Piano concerto is perhaps my favorite form of classical music, followed by cello sonata. This concerto, as I later Wiki’ed, turns out to be the only completed piece of concerto that Greig has composed. It was composed at the age of 24 (same age as mine), and Rubinstein once played it at the age of 88. Rubinstein was only 20 when Greig passed away, and I was able to meet neither of them. It was always amazing to me how mortality separates people (geniuses or ordinary ones) by time, but then how people come across each other on some dimension that is eternal.

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