Black Widows and More

Which sex is choosy in selecting mates? Today I came across a recent article on the black widows.

It is found that male black widows are selecting the “best-fed” females so that they are less likely to get eaten after they have mated. Here is a quote from this article:

“In most animal species, females dictate the course of reproduction, said Johnson. They work hard to produce and safeguard a few eggs, while males generate lots of sperm at little personal cost. That difference in “investment” usually leads males to be promiscuous while females are choosy. But in species like the black widow, the danger of mating is so great for the males that they have to be the choosy ones.”

This is fun! My response is that while both females and males can be choosy, such as in the case of black widows, it sounds to me that one divide remains: females are choosy to “gain more”; males are choosy to “lose less”:P

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