The Blind and the Sighted

Following my earlier posts, one on darkness and one on maths, I ran into an article on blind mathematicians.

Counter-intuitively, the most popular field of blind mathematicians is geometry, the most visual of all areas in mathematics. To rationalize this finding, just read the article!

It sounds so amazing how human capability expands to overcome natural weakness. This also reminds me of my childhood experience. Being a severely near-sighted student since very young, I quickly adjusted myself to the mode of study in which I just do my own staff in class without raising my head (because I cannot see clearly what’s going on upon the blackboard anyway!), while at the same time I let my “sense of hearing” work hard enough to process any information from the teacher or any gossip from my desk-mates. It has been a multi-task childhood class experience, but it benefits (or hurts?) me even now.

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