Questions on homo sapiens

Something came to my mind while I was visiting the Field Museum in Chicago one week ago. I consulted  my mom, who knows some paleontology as a profession, but none of the explanations that she came up with stands convincing after some further challenge of mine. Here are the questions.

Despite the overwhelming diversity of biological species and the volume of space to reside in the sea, as opposed to on land, why did we, homo sapiens, evolve on land? Is it simply a matter of path dependence (driven by historical coincidence) ?

Talking about extraterrestrial living creatures, shall we place higher expectation on them coming from water, or from land?

I am an outsider of biology or evolution theory. But I like wild guesses and good questions. I suppose these naive questions deserve an answer/some explanations.

I appreciate it if any of you could comment with some explanations. I will post another piece on this issue once I have come up with some further ideas/questions.

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